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We've been interested in alternative energy sources, what we call the "new power," since the 1970's. We were some of the first to propose localized ethanol production to take up the slack in case fuel deliveries from major gas suppliers became unstable or dried up.

Looking at the roadblocks to changing how people use energy, we noted a dread of fuel conservation, conjured up by nightmare visions of rationing, long lines at the pump, being cold in winter, and hard times.

We knew this just had to be untrue.

At American Family Power, we think a lot about energy and how it is used by real people. With the efficient use and conservation of fuel becoming more important every day, most Americans can't afford not to look at energy alternatives: for their families, their workplaces, and themselves.

This is where "new power" comes in. Power from new sources, and new ways of using existing fuels to get more out of them.

Changing the source of our energy doesn't have to mean giving up the things we like to do, or "going without." With a few minor adjustments, we can fulfill our energy needs without draining our pocketbooks and without discarding our lifestyles.

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